What We Do

Flexible access to a unique industry perspective

Through extensive experience of working with many of the industry players, we believe clients require a more flexible approach from an Industry Analyst. Lewis Insight can provide services that can be adapted to suit your needs whether for internal or external activities, in-person or via your preferred communication channels.

Unparalleled insight and experience

Chris Lewis’ strength lies in showing how all aspects of the many parts of the ICT space fit together. His expertise is based around telecoms & networking but includes IT, customer groups, technology shifts and service offerings.

We understand needs change with the market and with management priorities. The flexibility Chris can offer with his background, knowledge and engaging interaction style can adapt to those needs.

And, of course, everything is covered by confidentiality that has helped maintain a trusted position in the industry for 30 years.

Here are some of the ways we can help your organisation:

Public Speaking, Presentations and Workshops           

  • Chris Lewis has a unique ability to clearly articulate the changing nature of the industry, its technology and its future position in the digital hierarchy
  • With a reputation for engaging, dynamic and entertaining presentation style, Chris can be used as presenter or chairman for client events, internal audiences, sales meetings, customer advisory boards, product launches and industry events

 Content Creation

  • Producing clear and concise content based on a deep knowledge of the emerging ICT industry
  • Given the expansion of digital channels, content can be adapted for white papers, blogs, industry articles and press releases

Executive Coaching and Sales Enablement

  • Rarely publicised, but over many years Chris Lewis has been asked to help senior management get a clearer perspective of the market place to help shape their strategies
  • The sales process can also benefit from our analyst input whether for market training, help with the initial RFP war room, proposal preparation or even at the final pitch

Brainstorming, Message Testing and Enquiry Calls

  • Engage with us  for market insight, sounding board or brainstorming, set in an industry and competitive context
  • Advice can be provided as a one-off consultation or as part of a retained service

Consulting and Custom Research

Based on extensive consultancy experience, we can help design and execute projects to deliver:

  • a better understanding of the spectrum of customers demands
  • interpretation of industry dynamics and market data
  • go-to-market strategies and appropriate channels
  • an informed opinion on the implications of shifting technologies in the broader digital world
  • Access to a consortium of independent experts covering different perspectives when required




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